Success In Life Is A Matter Of The Mind

January 31, 2019 0 By Jacksonso
Success In Life Is A Matter Of The Mind

Have you ever heard the phrase “YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT” I don’t know who said it first. However I do know, that I have heard it A LOT throughout my life. From when I was young playing sports my parents would say it to me. I would hear other parents saying it to their children. My Wife and I would say it to our children, I would hear other parents saying it to their kids. Now we are Grandparents and say it to our grandchild. Hopefully you got the point of me going on and on about hearing that one phrase. It is spoken of just as a phrase. No one pays it any attention. No one really understands the power that lies under the true meaning of what is behind that phrase.

Many individuals in life walk around consciously incompetent. They are awake, talking, walking, and doing everyday as if everything is normal. However, everything is not normal. The majority of these people have blinders on. Blinders on as if they were unconscious. They hear you but are not listening. They can repeat what you say but do not follow what you told them. It is often hard to deal with these types of individuals. It is as if they are walking around in a fog not knowing which way to go unless someone grabs them by the hand to lead them. We often want to just shake them as if we are going to shake them awake. Some of these individuals could have something medically wrong. However with the Majority, I would stake a large wager that, that is not the case. I would stake a large wager that along the way some actual doctor or google doctor diagnose them with something. Some form of Disorder whether it was ADHD, ADD, etc… the list goes on and on. Anything to prescribe a medication. The main point I want to touch on is At some point they stop listening. They stopped listening and believing in the phrase “ YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT” Maybe because they heard it to much. So it became just another saying.

I have often said that the Mind is the most powerful Weapon on earth. If utilized correctly one truly can do anything that they think of. Sometimes you or someone has to place a fan in front of the fog and blow it away. Every individual is equipped with that fan. All one has to do is put their mind to it and they can clear all the fog. In this vast universe we live in there are many laws. Man made laws, laws of the universe, laws of life, laws of this and laws of that. In this piece I want to touch and focus on one law, one universal power. The power of Concentration. It sounds funny to say and funny to hear it said “THE POWER OF CONCENTRATION” sounds like something a superhero would have and a villain would say. “Look out he is gonna hit you with the power of concentration ring” LOL… I couldn’t resist… Ok back to what I wanted to tell you.

The power of concentration is “REAL” you can only achieve what the mind can believe. Once you truly begin to understand the power of thought and concentration. You will unlock the doors, awaken possibilities and a world within you that you never dreamed of. The individual that is able to concentrate is a happy, and busy person. Time does not drag on with them. They do, feel and act as if they can accomplish anything. These individuals are normally successful in any endeavor they approach. They always have plenty to do, get plenty done and have plenty of time to do it. They do not have time to think over past mistakes, doing such would make them unhappy and cause them to lose focus breaking the power of concentration.

A concentrated thought can accomplish seemingly impossible results and make you realize what your fullest potential could be. Concentration is nothing but the focus and willingness to do a specific task or thing. All foreign thoughts must be kept out by the willingness that you posses to stay focus. You cannot and will not realize the potential and possibilities that await you if you do focus and get your mind right. Once you allow your mind to focus and truly concentrate, at that point you then will do consciously what you have before done unconsciously. However at this point of your journey you will begin to note mistakes that your have and are doing, You will begin to work on and overcome any bad habits you have picked up and you will begin to perfect your conduct. At the same time you will break down barriers of limitation, new ambitions within you will be awakened. You will begin to experience conscious thought constructions. As you evolve, you create new desires and these new desires can be gratified. You will begin to develop the power to be a success in everything you do in life. It all lies within you. At this point you must always keep in focus the barriers that can keep you from accomplishing this. Keep in mind that they are also within you. These are the barriers of ignorance. These are the barriers that The Power of Concentration will keep at bay

Never forget that your thoughts, your mode, your environment and your friends. As your thoughts change all aspects of your life will also change. You are truly a product of your environment, Like that old saying “you are what you eat” you become what you surround yourself with. If your thoughts are of a high nature, you will become connected with people of the same mental caliber. If your thoughts are shysty, you will attract shysty, people into your life that will most likely at some point try to cheat you. Good thoughts are constructive. Evil thoughts are destructive. The desire to do right carries with it a great power. You must thoroughly realize the importance of your thoughts, and how to make them valuable. Your thoughts make you what you are. If you get anxious, angry, discouraged, undecided or worried, it is because you are not receiving the cooperation of the higher powers of your mind. By your will you can so organize the powers of the mind that your moods change only as you want them to instead of as circumstances affect you.

Some people get in the habit of saying and thinking “I can’t” automatically once that is said or thought about they have fail. When others begin by saying or thinking “I can” automatically they start on the path to success. Never say “I can’t concentrate today.” or ” I can’t focus today. “You can do it”, it just takes the second you say “I will.” You can keep your thoughts from straying, just the same as you can control your arms. When you realize this fact, you can train and develop the will to concentrate on anything you wish. If your concentration wanders, it is your fault. You are not utilizing your will. Don’t blame it on your will, and state that your will is too weak. Once you learn to truly focus and concentrate. You will begin to understand that the time, effort, and act of being weak. Takes the same time effort and act that is used to be focused to be strong. Don’t lack the effort to be the best you that you can be. When you act as if your will is strong you say, “I can.” When you act as if you were weak you say, “I can’t.” It requires the same amount of effort, in each case.

Developing or creating a Successful business is not usually the result of chance. Neither is a business failure the result of bad luck. Business success depends on well-concentrated efforts. Most failures could be determined in advance if the individual working was concentrating on the task at hand.

It is not always possible to start a highly successful or money-making business in the beginning. Usually in the process a number of changes have to be made. Often plans do not work out as their creators thought they would. The plans may need adjusted some here or there, and as you broaden your plans and broaden your business you broaden your power to achieve. You gain an intense and sustained desire to make your business a success. Success is the result of certain moods of the mind or ways of thinking. These moods can be controlled by you and produced at will. The power to concentrate and attract success is within yourself. The barriers that shut these off from you are subject to your control. You have unlimited power to think and this is the link that connects you with your Omniscient Source.

“Opportunity knocks at everyone’s door.” Those that are successful hear the knock and grasp the chance. The failures believe that luck and circumstances are against them. They always blame someone else instead of themselves for their lack of success. We get what is coming to us, nothing more or less. Anything within the universe is within your grasp. Just use your inherent powers and it is yours. You are aided by both visible and invisible forces when you concentrate on either “to do” or “to be.” The power of concentration can assist you in your attempt to start and to be successful in any endeavor business or personal. There are forces that can aid the mind that are hardly dreamed of by the average person. When you learn to believe more in the value of thought and its laws your business gains will multiply. Look within yourself and you will find the greatest machine ever made.

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