Change Your Life With The Law Of Attraction

January 31, 2019 0 By Jacksonso
Change Your Life With The Law Of Attraction

By: Lyfes Journee / 

What Can Happen When You Change Your Focus

Sometimes, in Life we get so down and discouraged that we feel powerless and unable to change our situations. We fall into a FIXED mindset. This is a state of mind where we think things will stay the same and we can’t do anything about it. Once a person gets to that mindset it is a difficult state of mind to change or come back from . The only way to break out of this negative fixed mindset is to change your INNER world your mental mindset. This is the key to influencing your external world so you can move forward in life.

Most Just Blow It Off

When one speaks of or says anything about the Law of Attraction most people blow it off like its nothing, like its just words not really understanding what it is. In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction is a way of living that requires you to change your frequency. Think about a car radio, while traveling across a state. You can only travel so long before the station begins to fade in and out, before it turns to static. So someone must dial in the frequency of another channel. One with a strong signal, when our frequency begins to fade to static or when we need to make a change for the better. Or just looking for a better life we must change our channel to get a clearer frequency. When we do this, the Universe will pick up that signal and your life will change for the better.

When I speak of frequency as I mentioned above, this is basically the vibration of energy that your mind gives off. Humans can either operate at a high or low vibration, and each type of vibration will give you a specific result. Most people don’t realize they’re giving any type of frequency or energy, which is actually making their situation worse. The problem or problems gets magnified greatly when you attach your emotions to your external circumstances.

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Never Stop Trying

I’m not trying to convey that it’s wrong to feel bad or that you should never feel bad about anything. However, you shouldn’t use your circumstances (and how you FEEL about them) as an excuse to STOP trying. Most people fail to realize that NOT doing anything about their situation will only make them feel WORSE. And this further traps them in a vicious cycle of negativity and inaction. Training your mind and practicing the Law of Attraction will help you install a more positive attitude in your consciousness in your everyday living. The Law of Attraction keeps your mind from being overrun by negativity — and more importantly, give you the leverage to BREAK FREE from any unwanted situation in your life. With some practice, your thoughts and actions will effortlessly work together to attract positive circumstances in your life.

The Million Dollar Question is, Where should you start? This article has been put together with that question in mind. Here are some ways to put the Law of Attraction into action and start creating massive changes in your life:

As a disclaimer: I’m not a Doctor prescribing you any medical advice, I’m not promising you anything. Everything I have written is all from my personal experience and knowledge I’ve gained over the years. Everyone’s results will be different. You will get out of it what you put into it. I believe in everything that is written below. I know it can and will make a difference, but only if you practice it. You cant try it just once and expect a miracle.

#1: Share Your Gifts to the World

The Bible talks about the power of giving, and how it outweighs the benefits of receiving. No matter what your faith or beliefs are, it helps to think of generosity on a LARGER SCALE. Giving is more than just a virtue, it’s a type of cosmic currency. When you perform acts of kindness or share your resources for no other reason than WANTING TO, you’re putting this currency into circulation. And soon enough, this positive energy you send into the world and into the Universe as a whole will find its way back to you. We have all heard the phrase “Pay it Forward”. Now understand that you may not receive it in the same form, but it will come around, one way or another.

I know that sometimes, giving feels like the LAST thing you want to do. Especially when your own life is lacking in some form or another. You ask yourself “Why bother” Why should I extending myself when you’ve got more than enough to worry about for yourself? That’s exactly the point. With the Law of Attraction. Giving — even when you think you can’t — is a FALSE perception

Trust in the infinite energy of the Universe and tune into its unique frequency. Your selflessness is the key to that. A generous attitude raises the quality of the vibrations you send out into the world. Escaping the scarcity mindset and the fear of not having enough is one of the most liberating things you can do. By doing so, you’re FREE to improve the lives of others — and yours in the process.

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#2: Stop hanging out with losers

Not trying to sound judgmental, however there are people in your life that will try to drag you down, whether they’re aware of it or not. There is a saying “Misery Loves Company” These are the types of individuals that you should avoid, avoid them at all costs. People in a bad situation will try to feel better about themselves by spreading their toxic way of thinking to others. They pull others down with their hurtful words, or convince them that they’re not good enough.

Instead of doing something about their own situation, it’s easier to go down this dark path and take everyone else with them. The principles of the Law of Attraction state that when you focus on something, the Universe will feed you more of the same. Once you can see and understand that this is going on. You can choose to avoid this downward spiral and move on to another path instead. I can not stress enough, how much and the importance of why you MUST be careful about the company you keep. Choose people that can share constructive energy with you. If their attitude, mindset and words lift you up and increase your knowledge you know you’re in the right place and around the types of people.

If you are the smartest, most knowledgeable, and most successful person in the room. You are in the wrong room.

Your Energy Is Everything

Energy is contagious it can spread like a wild fire, and you’ll naturally raise your own energy along with changing your frequency to attract only good things in your life. As for toxic people, I know there are times when you simply can’t avoid them. Often they are your family, your friends, or co-workers . Avoiding them is a necessity and difficult challenge at times, for sure. You must do your best not to let their negative energy get to you. It is not necessary to butt heads with them when and if necessary just simply respond with positivity. If you’re in a conversation with them, try to frame it in a healthy, positive way so you don’t get sucked into their toxic field of gravity. You don’t have to change their mind; just take the “agree to disagree” route and leave it at that. Hopefully, your energy would “rub off” on their consciousness. They might even think about what you told them and re-evaluate their own perspective.

#3: Get out from under the grind

We all have our lives to lead, and that means falling into a routine. Please don’t misunderstand or get me wrong — having structure in your life is imperative and necessary. At a basic level, we need it to function on a daily basis. Incorporating helpful habits into your everyday routine is a GOOD thing. Understand though it is dangerous to be too wrapped up in it and stopping yourself from trying NEW things. Sticking too closely to your routine could make you afraid of the unfamiliar and uncomfortable. This could hinder your GROWTH in the change and learning process. If you know you need to make a change and want to attract new and exciting things into your life, you have to carve out some room for that.

Doing things that help you grow ALWAYS has a place in a well-balanced life. A stable, healthy routine is the best way to avoid a soul-crushing existence. You have to ask yourself :

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Outside of your usual routines and obligations, what is it that gives you a sense of fulfillment — even if it doesn’t pay the bills? Most individuals don’t think of this and normally block out a desire for this because they have blocked there mind with the notion that they ” Don’t have enough TIME”. If, and once they actually take the plunge of learning how the Law of Attraction can assist them. And utilized that time they felt they didn’t have, They would learned just how flimsy of an excuse that actually is. In as little as half an hour, you could engage in a fulfilling pursuit. Find (or rekindle) a hobby, take up an online course or watch free videos. Do something that would energize your senses, inspire you to greatness and empower you to create something wonderful in this world.

It Will Not Hurt To Try It (Take A Chance)

Taking that chance, taking the opportunity that you could be missing out on. All because you think you don’t have time. Thinking this way could stop you from acquiring some form of knowledge that could advance you in some way. There are all kinds of skills that you could learn. Learning these skills only make you better. I recently came across a post on online:

It said: “There’s too much free information online for y’all not be crushin it in whatever field.”

To become a success in anything, you must take the time to invest in you. So that you can become a better you. Don’t concern yourself about the “if”s and “how”s. Just get started with something, and the rest of your life will adjust to it. You won’t know what new doors will open up UNTIL you start attempting to turn the knobs and walking thru them.

#4: Quiet your mind

Meditation is one habit that goes very well with practicing the Law of Attraction. When you learn how to control your thoughts, instead of your thoughts controlling you, you will find yourself in the best position to manifest the things you want in and out of life. However if your thoughts are flooded with negative emotions. It is very difficult to keep your thoughts positive. Meditation, allows you to take a step back and remove yourself from a situation in a healthy way.

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There are books, free content online and mobile apps that can help you with learning how to meditate. With the technology that we have today it has never been easier find or get any information that you need, if you really are looking to learn how to meditate. You can search by a specific person, channel, or even topics like how to meditate, how to ease anxiety, help for anger management, and so on.

Meditation is a low-maintenance routine to start. It only takes about 10–15 minutes daily. You could even spend five minutes if you’re really strapped for time! Meditation basically works by sitting down on the floor (or a chair) and closing your eyes. The idea is to take slow, measured breaths and pay attention to the physical sensations you’re feeling at the moment.

It could be that your muscles tense? Your heart could be beating quickly from the stress you’re currently experiencing?

These are some of the things to be mindful of as you breathe in and out. If any other thoughts enter your mind, don’t resist them. Also don’t chase after them either, just let them pass. Go back to focusing on the rhythm of your breathing. It is important to take this time to focus on the feelings of love, health, success and prosperity.

In other words, the things you want to ATTRACT.

Concentrate your attention on inhaling and exhaling. Once you’ve calmed your mind enough, you’re ready visualize the things you want to manifest in life. This will have a powerful effect on your subconscious and put you on the path towards your goals. And that brings us to the last life-changing habit…

#5: Affirmations

Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers in history, was known for saying, “What you’re thinking is what you’re becoming.”

Having that attitude, maintaining that thought, and keeping focused helped him become one of the greatest boxers in history. The majority of the time, people don’t pay attention to the kind of thoughts they hold in their heads. Their lives and are so filled up with nonessential stuff that they don’t take the time to realize their true thoughts. They are conscious, but living with unconscious thoughts. If this type of lifestyle is left unchecked. The individual having this mindset often feeds and falls into a toxic narrative about themselves without realizing it. What you put in your subconscious mind affects you. Everything that you tell yourself are like seeds you plant in your mind and they’ll grow over time. Those same thoughts will express themselves in your actions and the choices you make. So, you need to be careful which seeds you plant.

The book, “The Power of the Subconscious Mind”, tells us that this part of your mind can’t distinguish which thoughts are real or imagined. “Author Joseph Murphy”

Your subconscious mind will treat all thoughts you place there as if it was a FACT. Whether it’s happening in the physical world or not. Thus, people don’t just operate on these subconscious beliefs. Without being aware of it, they’re turning their thoughts into reality. And what they think eventually will happen — one way or another. The perception you have about yourself is largely influenced by the people you had around while growing up. Their input — whether good or bad has left a mark on your subconscious that’s hard to shake off. And this programming kicks in whenever you make decisions and it dictates how you respond to tough times.

This inner dialogue can act as your inner voice of confidence and self-assuranceor as in most people’s cases, it’s the voice of fear and self-doubt. You might think you’re not good enough or smart enough because you couldn’t stop the bad things from happening. You feel that you have cursed yourself for messing things up, then blame it on some pre-assigned character defect. Usually, it’s in the form of a label like “Loser”, “Hopeless Case”, “Slacker”, “Weirdo” and so on. What individuals don’t understand and remember is that these labels only have as much power over as you ALLOW Them to have.

The Law of Attraction can be learned and become a part of your life. Changing the inner chatter and rewiring your mind for success instead. It’s impossible to attract wealth, abundance and happiness if you’re focused on putting yourself down.

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Here are some examples to try during your meditation sessions:

  • Affirmations that span across time: Think about what’s already happened, what’s happening now, and what’s yet to come. Then put it all together like this: “BEFORE, I was broke, miserable and hated the world. But I know better NOW and want to turn it around. Things are about to change, and SOON I’ll be prosperous, happy and living my dream life.”
  • Affirmations that are crystal clear: Saying something like “I am loved” or “I am blessed” is a good start, but they’re a bit vague. Try elaborating on these ideas and flesh them out even more. Then you’ll end up with a statement like “I’m surrounded by people who love and support me. They help me grow as a person and want to see me succeed.” As for being blessed, you can say “I’m blessed with infinite opportunities and resources, and my life is full and abundant.”
  • Affirmations with an attitude: Another way to supercharge your subconscious is by being a little cheeky with your statements. When that voice of fear and insecurity kicks in, drown out the noise with, “Whatever, I’m amazing at everything I do. I fight like hell and do my best, and I can’t hear what you’re saying!” Adding some lighthearted humor amplifies your signal and makes it easier for the Universe to hear your thoughts. Try this the next time you’re feeling especially down on yourself.

When you improve the quality of your thoughts. It is as if your circumstances begin to rearrange on their own. The changes will seem to happen without doing much on your part. The actual truth is, if you make the Law of Attraction part of you daily life your have already done the heavy lifting by disciplining your mind. Starting today, you can apply these five tips I’ve just shared with you to create ripples of change in your life.

As with anything in life the more you practice them, the better you will get and the results from you efforts will be better. I hope you make use of this knowledge and empower yourself for greatness.

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