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Have you ever heard the phrase “YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT” I don’t know…


Military Discounts and Deals This list was put together as a BIG THANK YOU to all Service Member’s andVeterans from myself…

Success In Lyfe

Isn’t About How Much MONEY Someone Makes;

It’s About The Difference They Make In The Lives Of Others.

Adults over 40 took the lead in what researchers are calling the “the largest marathon study of recreational runners ever conducted.” Compiling a total of 3.5 million marathon data records, researchers analyzed marathon data information on nearly 3 million runners from 39 countries, seven continents and some 238 nationalities in 784 marathons between 2014 continue reading

If You Wish To Not Be Forgotten, As Soon As You Are Dead And Rotten, Either Write Things Worth Reading, Or Do Things Worth BeingWritten About.

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